Tyke Football

Tyke Football - Introduction to tackle football

This season the RMFL is introducing Tyke Football. It is a part of our Atom Tackle Program. Our goal in Tyke is to introduce all the basic skills of tackle football to 1st year Atom players who are 8 years old by December 31.

Tyke football will be a group of 8-10 players practicing together with 2 coaches. Both coaches are certified in Safe Contact as mandated by Football Canada. 1st year Atom players will be prepared to play 6 on 6 tackle football on a field that is 60 yds by 25 yds. The format of the game will be modeled after the spring flag football rules. 4 downs to get to half, 4 downs to score.

We believe that this is the best and safest way to introduce tackle football to new players. Players will be more involved and encouraged to learn all the positions on the field.

Each team will field 3 lineman, 1 QB, and 2 running backs or 2 receivers. Coaches will be encouraged to rotate all players through each position.

The Tyke program will run for 6 weeks starting July. It will end with jamboree style games mid August. Once the jamboree is over, players have the option of moving to the Atom Tackle team which will include 9 year olds. Fees paid for Tyke Football will be applied to the Atom registration fees.

We are looking for your support and understand it is a difficult decision for many parents to introduce tackle football to their children at a young age. The RMFL is trying to help the transition, and believe this is a great plan to allow children to play tackle football.

Your registration in Tyke football includes insurance, all equipment except shoes and girdle, and uniforms.

We look forward to our first year of Tyke Football and hoping that it can achieve the results we are looking for.