Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another season of Raider Football in Richmond. As we move forward to start another chapter in the history of the RMFL, I thank all those of you in the past that have continued to support the Richmond Raiders in the future.

I have been involved with the RMFL for the last 9 years as a parent and a coach. I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful kids learning to play the game. Together with their parents, they continue to show enthusiasm and passion for the game of football. I am working hard with my fellow board members to build a strong foundation for youth football in Richmond. We understand that our club has gone through transition periods over the past few years. I believe that each transition period has helped make our organization better.

At one time, the RMFL had over 300 kids registered for youth football. Today we are about half of this number. The Board understands that kids today have other choices for their sports teams. It is our goal to offer the best experience in youth football. As in all previous years, our organization is as good as its volunteers. I encourage many new parents to be involved. There are many opportunities to help out. We are all partners in this organization: Players, Parents, Coaches, and Board members. Please feel free to attend our regular monthly board meetings. See what goes on in running the league. With your input, we can better understand what is needed to make youth football a success.

We are all great fans of the game. Let’s work together and make 2017 a strong year.

I thank you in advance for your help and support of the RMFL.

Rob Parmar